Reducing your risk of failure. Supporting your long-term success.

We at Mantrac, as your trusted provider for powerful machines, are committed to the longevity of your equipment even outside your manufacturers' warranty. That's why we're offering free inspections for your Caterpillar equipment, allowing you to take stock of your equipment condition and prepare for your busy future.

Depending on our inspection findings and your maintenance needs, we offer fully-customizable Customer Value Agreements (CVA). Our skilled technicians are dedicated to the long-term success of your operations, utilizing their unrivalled knowledge of your equipment.

Conducting an assessment for your equipment.

In every Technical Analysis 1 (TA1) inspection, our Cat-certified technicians look for superficial and deep damages to your Caterpillar equipment. By identifying and overcoming any damages, we reduce your running costs and put you ahead of any imminent or long-term threats.

Missing parts

Prolonged use may lead to the loss of components, which we study by running inventory.


In machines that are aging or operate for long periods of time, this damage is usually inevitable, but is rectifiable.


Even small leaks lead to inefficient running of your equipment and higher fuel costs.


Unusual noises coming from your machine is a sign that internal systems are not working optimally.


These scuff marks may be cosmetic. However, there may be a bigger underlying issue like a misaligned rotor.

Fluid level and colour

A low fluid level may mean inefficient running. If the fluid is cloudy, gritty or dark, it indicates a larger issue.


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